What to Expect

Dynamic, Relevant, Presentation of the Gospel

Thank you for taking interest in what we have to offer at Sunrise Community Church. If you haven't had the chance to visit us, you should!

You are in for a treat! Pastor Bob Bowden's weekly message will take you on a trip like few pastors have done before. His knowledge of scripture, the ancient languages used, and the cultural environment of the time allow for the most captivating, relatable approach to the Gospel of Christ.

You won't find...

a 12 piece professional ensemble to lead worship.

an award winning social media presence. 

a captivating, entertaining laundry list of ministries for all likes and ages 

In fact, you'll find very little in way of programs and features found in today's more modern Christian churches. At least, not yet...

What you will find...

Warm and inviting people, excited about the new direction of this church.

An opportunity to be a part of something local and very impactful. 

A genuine effort to be the community church for the Allenstown/Pembroke/Epsom area. 

An uplifting, inspiring Gospel message like you've never experienced. No condemnation to be had here. You'll experience the reality of Jesus and the New Covenant in a way that will leave you thinking "why haven't I ever seen or heard this before?"

Take a deeper look, beyond the superficial; you may be surprised to find that you're home.

  August 2022  
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